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A path of faith


                   Takamori's hermitage is not an organization neither an institution. Takamori is the sacred working of life itself. A life that is born and is developed inside each one.  It is like a breath that is deepened every day by a measured and deep breathing. Takamori is like a unified heart. This deep breath and this unified heart go to the divine depth.

                The person who takes in his hand the wayfarer's walking-stick in the hermitage, has to know that it does not matter what he like and what dislike. Before him lies a single decision to be done. Is he ready to put his attention in this deep breathing and in this unified heart to follow it or to reject it?

This breath and this heart is something that exceeds times and places. Takamori only tries to be a sign that reminds its existence

              The person who has been touched by life, perceives with surprise the existence of a stream that flows through a depth imperceptible to human eyes. Those that live in Takamori must strain to enjoy a small ditch in that underground flowing.

              Also we must have always present that though we live in the same place, though we do the same life, there will be persons who already enjoy this underground stream and there will be persons in whom it has not begun to flow yet.





Father Oshida

Encounter with Takamori

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