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     Spirituality is not a set of techniques used to isolate oneself from reality and to create an inner world where we can take shelter to cultivate own impressions. Spirituality is like a light through which we look to see the world, other people, ourselves and the path where life runs by.

     By means of that light we catch the sense of reality and events, and becoming a stimulus, impels us to take responsible and just attitudes that makes us advance in a direction. These taken attitudes face us with new realities and events in which we will have to find deeper meaning and take clearer positions. This way turns us into a deep and interesting way of living through life.

    This is not born from a philosophy but in a meeting with God and from the confrontation with a reality. Because of it, the person who has a spirituality does not know confusion and enjoys an unified spirit.

Though every person is different and in each one it takes a different shape, one can perceive that there are other people with a similar encounter with God and with a common attitude towards reality. Therefore the communitarian conscience is born. None of the members can assume the right to be the only exponent of the spirituality but as a reference it is necessary to go to the one who started walking under this light, and in which we can see the spirituality drawn in its entirety.

              One of these persons is Dominic de Guzman. Before a reality marked by violence, competitiveness and manipulation, Dominic experienced a God who is together with those who strive in movements of liberation (the burg: free medieval cities; the itinerant preaching: way of living the faith out of a hard institutionalization) Taking part in these movements of liberation Dominic learned compassion.

              Contemplating a God who feels himself passionately involved with the effort of others and feels with the same passion the force and happiness of having an ideal, Dominic dreamed of a society and of Christianity with compassion of liabilities; walking under the light of compassion he founded the Dominican spirituality.

              This page is born as a comprehensive attempt of the Dominican spirituality. Therefore we present a sketch of Saint Dominic’s figure and other two exponents of this spirituality at present. One is Fr. Timothy (only in Japanese) and Takamori’s hermitage in Japan.

              Throughout 800 years many have been the people, who like Saint Dominic, have walked their life’s path finding God by means of a spontaneous prayer, have constructed their relationship with other, truthfully and honestly and have cultivated their own personality in contemplation.

              It is not easy to define Dominican spirituality but there are certain concepts that find a wide echo and are a criterion in this spirituality. "FRATERNITAS": dialogue, listening to each other, accompaniment, support... "VERITAS": sincerity, honesty, transparence, true heart... "STUDIUM": confrontation with God's Word, wisdom, clarity.... "CONTEMPLATIO" observation, admiration, private and common prayer…

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