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St. Dominc, story of an itinerant


         We usually look around searching for encouragement in other people way of living. Sometimes we find it trying to be like somebody who has distinguished by an exemplary life or activity. Sometimes we find it in the teaching of somebody whom we admired and take them for a guide.  Sometimes we find it in people whose words and activity remain in the shade but their figures turn into a companion who encourages walking the own way.

Saint Dominic is one of these persons who does not call attention to him, but gives back the glance to yourself so that you recover the faith in yourself, so that you may see yourself like the creator responsible of your life. Since childhood he learned that life is like walking always along new ways. A travel that never repeats itself and that never finishes. He lived as an itinerant one. His itinerant figure is an inspiration for all those who try to do their way without preconceived ties and without falling down in imitations, can learn from everybody.

St. Dominic’s life can be understood as the story of an itinerant one. Not as the pilgrim who has prearranged his itinerary and his point of destination, since the itinerant one does not have place of destination, and his itinerary is planned during the journey. Neither as the vagabond who does not have criterion in his itinerary and his steps are lived momentarily and transitorily, because the itinerant one possesses the gift of the discernment and loyalty and knows that a step has born from the previous one and has to be responsible of his inheritance. 

St. Dominic was itinerant from his childhood up to his death in his way of thinking, in his way of living, in his activity and prayer. He was not deceived by the easy way, neither by a comfortable life, nor by momentary own interests. He hefted the possibilities before him, tried patiently his response and made his option with courage.

              Contemplating St. Dominic, one perceives the greatness of having a heart that is in continuous search and that search is a sacred treasure. Feeling the search as a sacred treasure, fills the itinerant one and lightens him of other weights. Only light and accompaniment are needed, that is to say, free and responsible discernment, and aptitude to maintain human relation with honesty and integrity.

              The itinerant one also knows the weariness. A weariness that invites to self-satisfaction, to abandon the own discernment so that it is done by others or by an ideology, or to load unnecessary weights on companions’s shoulders.  For that reason it is necessary to renew decisions every day in a prayer full of silence.

         It is not an easy way of living, but in this continue walking, the man discovers a happiness that does not lose its freshness.





 Itinerant's prayer



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